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AN online Islamic Academy for grades 1 to 8, blending faith and academics seamlessly. Dive into live or self-paced classes with a curriculum that spans core subjects and Islamic studies.

  • Real Time Instructor Led Classes

  • Two Options

  • Self Paced Instructor Supervised

AlFajr Homeschool is an online Islamic school for grades 1 to 10, offering both live and self-paced programs.

Core subjects include Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Coding, Islamic Studies, Quran, Islamic Studies, and Quran meanings.

Programs include Real-Time Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Interactive supervised by instructors.

Live classes are held Monday to Thursday with over 12 classes weekly( 3 to 4 live classes everyday).

AlFajr Homeschool is not accredited, as most states and Canadian provinces do not require homeschool programs to be accredited. It’s important to note that most homeschoolers are not mandated to attend accredited programs. Since 2015, our focus has been on assisting parents who have chosen homeschooling and need support with starting, selecting curricula, and additional teaching resources. We are here to empower parents in their educational journey.

Yes, we offer a one-day free trial for one child per family, available only to new students.

Most U.S. states and Canadian provinces allow homeschooling, though some may have specific requirements or conditions. Parents should check their state or province laws for compliance. For more information, please refer to the following link. This link is for informational purposes; please ensure to check your local homeschooling laws.



Yes, we offer a 10% fee discount for any additional child enrolled in our programs.

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