AlFajr is an online tutoring academy that provides support to online learners. We do not provide any level of school diploma and/or certificate.

Parents are responsible to check and follow local, state or any level of laws governing homeschooling. 
We require minimum of 10 students for a certain grade to offer/continue the program. We reserve the right to combine two grades or cancel the program for grade(s) that have less than 10 students.
We reserve the right to cancel any homeschool program if the enrollment falls below 10 learners for any single or 15 for a combined grade.
The curriculum we use is provided by  IXL is very comprehensive curriculum which combinescurriculum from all 50 states in the US and all theCanadian provinces. Although it is not possible to finish all the sections, we will teach certain sections and will leave others for parents/students to practice themselves. We make no claim to finish the curriculum for any grade in a year. Anything left will be the parents’ responsibility to complete.
In case of a combined class for two grades, we may only teach the common topics from both grades curriculum.
Any fee received after 1st of month will incur late fee charge of $25.00 per week.
We reserve the right to charge $30.00 for a redo quiz.
All fees are USA dollar except for Canadian residents. You must be a Canadian resident to pay fee in Canadian dollars.
We reserve the right to suspended or cancel any registration.
Parents are responsible to monitor their child’s online activity, including any email or chat with a teacher or another learner.
Parents are responsible to monitor their child’s class participation, communication with AlFajr’s staffhomework and Moodle activities.
Any child found harassing, bullying or using foul language will be given one notice and repeated violation may cause temporary suspension or expulsion from the program.
Students must have a working equipment (including microphone) to participate in the classes.
Students must enter the class room with their real, fullname.
Any technical issues with the quiz must be reported two hours before the quiz’s closing time.
It is important to agree with these terms and conditions to register your child with AlFajr Homeschool.
All terms and conditions subject to change without any notice.